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Brookman Candle & CO.

Brookman Bracelet

Brookman Bracelet

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Our NEW custom design, made for ONLY Brookman Candle & CO. bracelets are a labor of love and supporting other local businesses. 

We have partnered with many local businesses to create products together and we are honored to support, promote and love Ella Bella Beads out of Western, MA 

A pair of sisters who have created a business all their own and captivating our attention with their gorgeous design and abilities.

By purchasing a Brookman Candle & CO. Bracelet by Ella Bella Beads, you are not only supporting my small business but theirs as well and we thank you! 


Organic Soy sourced in the U.S. with 3 Cotton wicks and Phthalate free fragrance oils in a 16 0z. wooden vessel.


16oz. hand crafted wooden vessel with a total weight of 2lbs after filled.

9.5"L x 5"W x 2.25"H

Care information

Place on solid non combustible surface and trim each wick to 1/4 in prior to every use for the safest burn possible.

*keep out of reach of children and animals, never leave unattended while lit.

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